Grantham’s ‘nightmare’ roadworks are hurting trade

Springfield Road. 333D
Springfield Road. 333D
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Businesses along Springfield Road are feeling the pinch as drivers do all they can to steer clear of Grantham’s major roadworks.

And some business owners feel the highways department of the county council is not making enough effort to make things run smoothly.

Criticisms include not re-opening the road on weekends, not having a four-way traffic light system and signage which gives drivers the impression they cannot access Springfield Road.

Ali Wells of Wellies Fish Bar said: “I think the roadworks are definitely putting people off. The road signs are almost in the middle of the road, blocking people coming as far down as they are able to go.

“They are really making people feel like they shouldn’t be coming this far. A lot of people don’t realise you can still come one way.

“I’ve spoken to Costcutter and the corner shop and they are both down. It’s affecting a lot of people. It’s a nightmare, especially now they have blocked the bottom of Belton Lane.”

Simon Morley of East Midlands Sound and Light, of The Old Malthouse, believes Highways could have helped businesses by tackling the problem in a different way.

He said: “What I find most ridiculous about it is not having a four-way traffic light system - there’s no reason that I can see that they couldn’t do it.

“Obviously people are avoiding this end of town but a four-way system would allow people to get up and down.”

Matt Sinclair, owner of Mitchelson News, said businesses are grateful to their loyal customers in such difficult times.

He said: “As much as we have seen a drop in passing trade we’re also very lucky to have good, loyal supportive customers.

“We would like to see the road re-opened as quickly as possible with an end to all the problems we’ve seen along Springfield Road these last three or four years.

“Passing trade has definitely been affected but, while we’re disappointed the road is closed and would like to see it re-open as soon as possible.”