Grantham’s ‘notorious’ congestion is behind ‘unreliable’ Centrebus services

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“UNRELIABLE” is the word used by one furious passenger to describe Centrebus services - but bus bosses claim Grantham’s “notorious traffic conditions” are to blame.

Angharad Payne, 40, is fed up of the number 3 service turning up early, late or not at all. The most recent no-show was Tuesday’s 4.45pm service, which the Payne family were relying on to get them into town to pick up their car before the garage closed.

Mrs Payne, of Gloucester Road in Grantham, said: “We’ve had problems with the buses in this area for about three years.

“When I’m at the bus stop I hear people talking about how unreliable the service is. It’s elderly people I’m thinking about, they rely on the buses.

“And it’s not just here that it’s a problem. My mother-in-law lives near the Earlesfield estate and the buses don’t turn up there either.”

Centrebus commercial director Dave Shelley has apologised.

He added: “I sympathise with the aim to run all services on time, and we are working very hard to achieve it.

“Unfortunately, whilst we have to share roads with other traffic throughout Grantham, negotiate roadworks and suffer from road closures, journey times will on occasion vary. We monitor punctuality to keep this disruption to a minimum.”

Mr Shelley said passenger numbers in Grantham are the highest they have been for years. He added: “So whilst we still have work to do, it is very encouraging that more and more people are making use of the local services that run.”