Grantham school given planning permission to build its own bike track

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Councillors greeted a school’s plan for a mountain bike track with such unbridled enthusiasm they had to be warned by their officers.

The mountain bike track, complete with jumps and a raised platform, will be built at West Grantham Academy St Hughs after councillors unanimously passed the plans.

The school sought permission to build the track and use it only during school hours but councillors, led by Coun Michael King, urged the school to seek longer hours.

However, officers warned councillors they must consider what is applied for and not push applicants to go farther.

Pat Reid, SKDC’s development management service manager, said: “Members of the public commented on the basis it will only be operated during school hours so I’m reluctant to extend the hours without neighbours being aware of that and having the opportunity to comment on it.”

The school’s finance director, Mrs Perry, asked councillors to look favourably on the proposal because of where it will be.

She said: “I would like to stress it would be situated in a socially deprived part of the town.”

Mrs Perry said the facility, which will be on the site of a former go-kart track close to the boundary with the Meres Leisure Centre, will only be used by school pupils under the supervision of a qualified cycling coach.

Coun Mike Cook raised concerns about the use of powered vehicles on the track but was assured it would only be used for push bikes.