Grantham schoolgirl waits over three hours for ambulance

Chloe Alsbury, pictured with dad Carl Alsbury, is recovering from her fall.
Chloe Alsbury, pictured with dad Carl Alsbury, is recovering from her fall.
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An incensed dad is calling for action after his eight-year-old daughter was made to wait for over three hours for an ambulance, after she dislocated her knee at school.

Chloe Alsbury, a pupil at Belmont Primary School, fell over in her school playground on Thursday. After receiving a phonecall about the incident, her dad Carl, 43, raced to be with his daughter.

He said: “Chloe was on the ground when I arrived. The school had already phoned for an ambulance but was told not to move her. It started to get dark after a few hours and despite being bundled up in coats and blankets, Chloe was starting to shiver. She was in a lot of pain, but we could only give her Calpol.”

More than three hours after being contacted, the ambulance arrived just after 4pm, but the paramedic informed them that as he was on his own, they would have to wait for another ambulance.

Carl added: “After putting Chloe on to a stretcher and giving her gas and air, the ambulance got stuck in the school playing field. It took another 45 minutes of pushing before we managed to move it to wait for the second ambulance.”

After finally arriving at Lincoln County Hospital, Chloe’s leg was put into a splint.

Carl added: “Chloe was so brave but I never want another little child to have to go through a similar ordeal.”

Ambulance operations manager Richard Hunter said: “We are sorry for the delayed response and distress caused to the patient and their family, and we are disappointed that on this occasion our response has fallen short of the high standard we aim to provide to our patients.

“Unfortunately, on the day of the incident we were experiencing significant handover pressures at our local hospitals. This challenge impacts on our ability to get back out into the community to respond to patients waiting for a response to their 999 call.

“We are in the process of arranging for the family to speak to our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.”