Grantham & Stamford MP blasts PM

MP Nick Boles
MP Nick Boles
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Nick Boles, the Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford, has repeatedly attacked prime minister Theresa May and her government.

The former minister under the David Cameron-led coalition government took to social media to attack the Conservatives on matters including the NHS, Housing and the so-called Black Cab rapist John Warboys.

The MP tweeted: “There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Mrs May’s Government which means it constantly disappoints. Time to raise your game, Prime Minister. #worboys #HousingCrisis #NHSfunding #etcetc.”

His comments created much reaction, with almost 500 replies, more than 1000 retweets and more than 2000 likes.

Reaction ranged from support, with others citing alleged weakness over Brexit, though the MP was also accused of disloyalty for giving views that would only help the Labour Party.

Mr Boles’ comments also led to follow-up interviews with national newspapers.

Among them, the MP told the Sunday Times: “We have a government full of boiled rabbits. She needs to give her ministers their head and she needs to tell them to be brave. She needs to tell them to follow their convictions and ideally she needs to have a few convictions herself.”

Since the weekend attack, Mr Boles has posted further tweets and retweets critical of government policies on the NHS.

Today, he commented on lower government borrowing figures.

He tweeted: “This is a huge achievement and a testament to the resolve of @David_Cameron and @George_Osborne ably assisted by @rbrharrison “(Rupert Harrison, former chief of staff to George Osborne)

The government has rejected the comments, with a spokesperson saying it is getting on with the job of delivering a stronger economy, and has published an industrial strategy, announced plans to cap energy prices and cut stamp duty for first-time buyers.