Grantham Sunrisers give generously to the life-saving work of the air ambulance

Andre Finney, Jennie Priest and Ian Brodie
Andre Finney, Jennie Priest and Ian Brodie
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A surprise donation was made to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance following a talk on the charity by a long-serving volunteer.

Jeannie Priest, who has been involved with the air ambulance for more than 10 years, was invited to a meeting of the Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club to talk about the work of the dedicated team behind it – made up of two pilots, three paramedics, part-time staff and volunteers.

Each mission costs around £2,500 to fly, and the costs of running the ambucopter are around £2.5 million each year, most of which is raised by donations. So when Jeannie finished her talk she was pleasantly surprised that the Sunrisers had raised a cheque for £529.80.

Past president Andre Finney, who was instrumental in getting the funds raised, said: “It is truly wonderful to hear first hand of the incredible work that the ambucopter and staff manage to do, and also how many lives are saved by this work in getting patients to the hospitals within the ‘golden hour’. We are very pleased to be able to support their work.”