Grantham Sunrisers take pupils to Wicksteed Park

Grantham Sunrisers take students to Wicksteed Park. 7udJyE9XLNGxBqNYQJuf
Grantham Sunrisers take students to Wicksteed Park. 7udJyE9XLNGxBqNYQJuf
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The Grantham Sunrise Rotary Club, in association with the ‘Kids Out’ charity, organised and facilitated a day out for nine young students from Ambergate Sports College.

This was undertaken by then president Andre Finney, and president nominee Lez Jones, who along with school support staff, gave a most enjoyable day to the enthusiastic children, who spent many fun-filled hours on the rides at Wicksteed Park.

The ‘Kids Out’ association and Rotary clubs celebrated their annual Big Day Out at Wicksteed Park with the help of friends at Rotary International. Staff and volunteers from Kids Out, who got to witness first hand this magical day for over 2,000 disabled and disadvantaged children from the local and surrounding areas.

With lots of rides and attractions to choose from there were plenty of options for the children to enjoy.

Thrill-seeking children took rides on the go karts, water log flume and rollercoasters.

This remarkable day could not have happened if it was not for the dedication and devotion of co-ordinator Bryan Swain and the other Rotarians from District 1070. They put on a truly outstanding day for children who all left tired and exhausted but with huge smiles on their faces and memorable stories to tell anyone who would listen,

Reflecting on a successful day out, Mr Finney said: “We will be looking forward to next years 
‘Kids Out’ event with the young people from Ambergate School.”.