Grantham survey shows motorists confused by parking signs

Confusing parking bays on Westgate.
Confusing parking bays on Westgate.
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A survey of businesses and shoppers in Westgate and Market Place in Grantham has attracted 837 responses.

The parking survey was conducted by Coun Richard Davies who holds the portfolio for highways and transport at Lincolnshire County Council. Among those who replied were 31 retailers.

Coun Davies told a meeting of the Grantham Area Committee last week that he was pleased with the level of response to the survey. He said a number of interesting factors came out of it among them the call for free parking in the town’s car parks in order to attract more shoppers.

He said the majority of shoppers came into town by car and 60 per cent of them said they would prefer on-street parking.

But it was clear from the survey that a vast majority of drivers, 83 per cent, find the signage in Westgate to be confusing. Many motorists have parked in bays solely meant for loading and have returned to the vehicles to find a parking ticket.

Coun Davies said: “The signage is not clear. It is not working. A lot of the markings are not clear and we may need to bring in markings.”

Motorists have been ticketed in Wide Westgate where the bays are marked by different coloured setts. Many of those who have been ticketed said they are not clear and have appealed against their fines, some of them winning their appeals.

There were also complaints about delivery drivers being ticketed and the need for improved access for delivery vehicles.

Coun Davies said plans were already being worked on to deal with confusing signage and ease of access for deliveries to Westgate businesses.