Grantham train passengers have access to free unlimited 4G internet

Businessman Kevin Lewis, using the 4G onboard WiFi Service, with Hull Trains. Photo: Neil Holmes.
Businessman Kevin Lewis, using the 4G onboard WiFi Service, with Hull Trains. Photo: Neil Holmes.
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Passengers travelling with First Hull Trains can now enjoy free 4G-enabled single-sign-up Wi-Fi throughout their journey.

The company says the latest Wi-Fi solution will improve the speed of the current on-board internet access and open up new opportunities for passengers to watch catch-up TV, browse the internet, update friends and family, and shop online as they travel.

The new service offers a one-time single sign-up (SSU) solution, which means that passengers travelling with First Hull Trains will no longer need to log back in to the Wi-Fi system, when connectivity is lost.

To access the free Wi-Fi, passengers need to download the Hull Trains app at and sign up once. They will then be automatically connected to the strongest signal available throughout their journey and every subsequent time they travel with First Hull Trains.

The 4G-enabled service offers faster speeds and an enhanced and stronger connection, as well as giving passengers free automatic access to over 22,000 hotspots provided by The Cloud.

Will Dunnett, Managing Director at First Hull Trains explains: “First Hull Trains is already one of only a handful of train operating companies offering free Wi-Fi. Now, we are taking our commitment to innovation and market leadership a step further by trialling the very first 4G-enabled Wi-Fi single-sign up solution to all passengers.”

Mr Dunnett continues: “People have wanted to be able to get online when they travel for several years which is why we’ve always given all passengers free access to our on-board Wi-Fi. But with the demand and necessity growing, our passenger feedback demonstrates they require a better service so we are proud to be the first to provide 4G SSU-enabled Wi-Fi.

“The service is faster, more reliable and will give an improved experience for our passengers and that’s why we’ve made this investment ahead of every other public transport company in the UK.”

Further benefits of the ground-breaking service include access to a selection of ITV programmes. First Hull Trains has partnered with ITV to enable its passengers to access a range of programmes on the train on their smart devices, after they’ve aired on TV, irrespective of the internet connection.