Grantham victims of anti-social behaviour say Government must do more

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LOCAL authorities say they are doing all they can to combat anti-social behaviour in an area of Grantham rife with problems.

Residents of the Sharpe Road and Signal Road area of town attended an extraordinary meeting on Friday, held to discuss what is being done to crack down on the culprits who commit ASB time and time again.

Issues facing the neighbourhood have been extensively reported in the Journal.

Neighbours agreed that police, district council departments, youth offending teams and other organisations involved are doing all they can - but said it is not enough. One neighbour said being at home is “like being in prison” and that yobs re-offend because “they have nothing to fear”.

Central government must pass further legislation, they said, to protect victims of ASB and punish those committing it.

Their comments came as some authority representatives admitted eviction procedures can drag on and sentencing for young offenders is not enough.

Pc Jane Ellis, who was praised during the meeting for all the work she has carried out in the neighbourhood, said: “Since the last time we were here at this meeting I’ve visited residents, been up and down the street on foot and by car, and if I’ve seen them stopped and searched them at every opportunity I get.

“But on the whole, calls have dropped.”

Ian Richardson, South Kesteven District Council’s interim head of housing and neighbourhoods, listened to neighbours’ concnerns and said: “Clearly you have some legitimate concerns. A number of agencies need to be involved and most of these agencies are doing a lot of hard work to try and resolve matters, with some limited success. But clearly it hasn’t eradicated the problems you’re facing.”

Chairman Ray Wootten added: “Rest assured they are doing their best.”

Residents thanked representatives for their work so far.