Grantham volunteers remove 21 bags of rubbish and four shopping trolleys from River Witham

Grantham Rivercare group cleans up the River Witham.
Grantham Rivercare group cleans up the River Witham.
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The leader of a voluntary group says he is disappointed members had to remove so much rubbish out of the River Witham at the weekend just a few weeks after their last clean-up.

John Knowles, leader of Grantham Rivercare, said there was a record turnout on Saturday when 25 people took part.

Mr Knowles said: “It is very disappointing that there should be such an accumulation of rubbish over a short period of time along such a beautiful stretch of river. Thank goodness that there are people about who are prepared to give up their time clearing up the mess left by others. It really shoudn’t be necessary and one wonders what can be done to stop it.

“Also we must a find a way of the supermarkets taking more responsibility for their shopping trolleys. We know that trolleys are very expensive and a great deal of effort is put into retrieving them, so we are looking at the possibility of imposing a charge for their return.”

The volunteers worked their way up the river from Harrowby Mill to Bridge End Road, and despite having been out just before Christmas collected 21 sacks of rubbish together with four shopping trolleys, several traffic cones, a tricycle and numerous other items.

Mr Knowles added: “Well done everyone who took part in the clean-up and hopefully those people who are tempted to drop their rubbish in the river will think twice before making work for others.”