Grantham would be better without its knockers

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OK, so we might not have many great shops - but who is to blame? Us, that’s who. Many retailers have tried and failed (and some are still failing) in Grantham because nobody was buying anything.

If you want big names to come here, you’ve got to go out and buy stuff! They’re not going to open a store and then make a loss on it. We should support local trade before it’s too late, and maybe the larger retailers will see potential in bringing stores to Grantham!

As for the revamped market place, it looks a bit better, and I feel a bit safer walking through it now because before the revamp you had cars coming at you from all over the place.

What I’d like to see however is resurfacing of Springfield Road - potholes galore. Same for St Catherine’s Road next to the old police station.

And on the subject of cars, did you know that Grantham’s insurance rates are 25per cent higher than Stamford’s?

It seems we’re always going to moan about something. If it’s not the market place, it’s the shops. If it’s not the shops, it’s the buses and traffic in town. If it isn’t that, then it’s the NHS. Grantham’s never going to be perfect, and sitting around whining about it won’t make it any better - you’ve got to take action.

Alison Robson

via email