Grantham Wyndham Park: Paddling pool design option 3

Option 3 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.
Option 3 design for Wyndham Park in Grantham.
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This is the third option put forward by SKDC and the Wyndham Park Forum for a new paddling pool in Grantham’s Wyndham Park.

It is one of five options to be consulted upon this weekend.

Option Three: Splash pad and paddling area

This has the following features:

• A splash pad based on a beach theme

• A ’Sea Scoundrel’ - a play panel with five water jets to spray at other users, a mast with sails and two tipping buckets that pour water on to users underneath

• A water cannon - able to be fire a soft fountain of water into the splash pad area

• A shallow paddling pool area to paddle in filled by an arching water fence, hydro blasts and a water web

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