Granthamians donate thousands to Fire Fighters Charity

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GENEROUS Granthamians showed their support for fire fighters over Christmas by donating thousands of pounds to charity.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue escorted Santa on his visit to the county, raising £8,000 across Lincolnshire.

Grantham people donated a huge chunk of the overall sum, digging deep to find £3,000 for the Fire Fighter’s Charity. In contrast, £1,215 was raised in Lincoln.

Mark Baxter, Lincolnshire’s deputy service champion for the Fire Fighter’s Charity, said: “This is a fantastic and much-needed gift from Lincolnshire to the Fire Fighters Charity.

“On behalf of everyone who will benefit from it, I want to say a big thank you. Many of us struggle with money at this time of year, so this level of generosity was unexpected and very much appreciated.

“To give an idea of how important this amount is, £1,200 will pay for an injured firefighter to have a week’s worth of intensive physiotherapy.

“Lincolnshire gave six times that amount.”