Granthamians will not carry torch through our town

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THE route the Olympic torch will travel through Grantham has been released today - but none of the Grantham torch bearers are from the Grantham.

The torch will be carried from Manthorpe Road past Grantham Hospital and onto Castlegate.

It will then come onto the High Street via Avenue Road before heading up Watergate, crossing Asda roundabout and heading up Barrowby Road before it is taken to Nottingham.

The torch will be carried through Grantham from 3.42pm on Thursday, June 28.

It will be carried through Grantham by six people from Nottingham (Drew Baumohl, Hugh Carville, Luke White, Simon Brown, Tam Seamark and Victoria Freer) and one from Mansfield ( Darran Winfield-Stanesby).

However, Granthamians Graham Colam, 47, and Russell Winfield, 51, and Tracey Lamb, 16, will be carrying the torch through Boston on Wednesday, June 27.

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