Gravity Fields festival: Cavendish dinner at Grantham’s Angel & Royal is a truly tasty festival starter

Gravity Fields, Dr Harry Cliff
Gravity Fields, Dr Harry Cliff
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A unique dinner is being hosted by the Angel & Royal Hotel as a Gravity Fields festival taster harking back to the glory days of scientific invention.

Cambridge’s world famous Cavendish Laboratory and its legendary scientific dinners will be re-staged on Wednesday, September 21 with leading scientists, great food, dazzling science and spirited singing.

Gravity Fields, Valerie Gibson

Gravity Fields, Valerie Gibson

It’s being hosted by festival patron Professor Valerie Gibson and co-curator Dr Harry Cliff, both high energy physicists at the modern Cavendish Laboratory.

The evening offers a three course meal inspired by French-influenced menus of the ‘20s and ‘30s with Cavendish hits such as Ions-Mine and Atomic Love Story.

Special guest Professor Jeff Hughes from the University of Manchester will relate the history of Britain’s greatest physics laboratory.

In the early 20th century the lab was the centre of the physics world as its scientists unlocked the secrets of matter, broke atoms to bits and stormed the atomic nucleus.

Discoveries such as DNA, the neutron and electron were made within the Cavendish building, and, by 2011, it boasted 29 Nobel Prize winners from Cavendish researchers.

Once a year research students held a boisterous dinner to celebrate the year end, inviting the Professor and a Nobel Prize winner or two, and sang spirited versions of adapted popular songs.

The laboratory was opened in 1874 on the New Museums Site with a generous donation by the University Chancellor William Cavendish, in order to upgrade the pursuit of sciences in Cambridge.

Today’s Cavendish Laboratory is the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, and is part of the School of Physical Sciences. The laboratory moved to its present site in West Cambridge in 1974.

The cost is £30 for the meal and a welcome drink. Bookings must be made by September 19.

To book, or for more information, visit www.gravity or call the Guildhall box office on 01476 406158.