Gravity FM is in the best shape it has ever been in

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On behalf of Gravity FM CIC, the Board of Directors wish to take this opportunity to address some details in the letter by Mr Ian ‘Pugsey’ Parker regarding his involvement with the station.

As a respected and award-winning community radio station, we remain committed to involving volunteers from all sections of the community. This is fully reflected in the organisation’s membership which has been growing steadily for the last few months and remains at record levels.

Having opened a new studio and embarked on a further ambitious programme of development and refurbishment, the vast majority of members remain very postive about the future.

We provide training and development opportunities for all our volunteers in a variety of roles, support that has been consistently made available to Mr Parker during his time with the station.

However, despite being a small local organisation staffed almost exclusively by volunteers, we are required to maintain high standards of output and meet the standards established by Ofcom.

We also have a duty to safeguard the welfare of all our volunteers.

Mr Parker is correct in his observation that there is no watershed for radio – however, radio is considered a family medium and hence is always subject to the higher standards that would be observed pre-watershed on television.

I should also like to point out that Mr Parker remains a member of the station.

The station management attempted to discuss Mr Parker’s show as part of a schedule review, and he was offered a range of programmes in the schedule. Mr Parker declined all of these.

For various reasons the station is now in a stronger position than it has ever been. We are now in a position where we can secure additional services from the “Voice of the Midlands”, Mr John Peters, who will be be hosting the flagship Breakfast Show from 07:00am as part of the new schedule to be launched on January 3rd.

In dealing with volunteers we expect that occasionally mistakes will be made and regretable instances will occur. With regard to the other incident to which Mr Parker refers, Mr Wright has broadcast a full and unreserved apology for any offense that may have unwittingly been caused.

The Board of Directors remain committed to serving the interests of both the local community and its volunteers.

The Board of Directors,

Gravity FM CIC.