Great news for Bingham scouts just as their battle to keep town venue begins

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A battle by a scout group fearing for its future was called off shortly after it began.

The 1st Bingham Scout Group criticised Nottinghamshire County Council over its proposal to close Wykeham House in the town, used as the Bingham Young People’s Centre.

It is also home to the scout group, which has around 160 young members.

In a press release, scout leader John Green said: “The council says that it needs to save money; we don’t argue with that but we don’t cost them anything. If they throw us out we will have nowhere to go.

“There are no available, suitable alternative meeting venues in Bingham for us to go to. Without an adequte meeting place we will have to close.”

However, a day later another statement was issued, entitled ‘Scout group threat recedes’. In it, Mr Green said: “I am pleased to now be able to report that the county council has said that if they decide to clode the young people’s centre they will enter into negotiations with the scout group with a view to granting us a lease on the whole building.

“Whilst this clearly doesn’t remove the threat to the centre itself, from the scout group point of view it does seem to offer some improved security for our future.”

Scout troops meet at Wykeham House on Mondays and Thursdays. To find out more, visit