Green bin sting is surely illegal?

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Dear Cllr Linda Neal:

I join the chorus of objectors to the notion of charging for green bin collections.

Please think again and acknowledge, as our PM has, that well-meaning proposals may not always be in the public interest and warrant further consideration.

SKDC has a good record for recycling, but this proposal spoils it.

There is a very real danger that fly-tipping will increase, ruining our countryside.

As a local parish councillor I am frequently having to telephone your Environmental Health Office to report anti-social tipping.

The speed of response is rapid.

Speaking to many, exceedingly angry people, the overwhelming mood is that the fee will not be paid, and that much ‘green waste’ will go into the black landfill bin.

This is not at all acceptable. We are also researching the possible illegality of the proposed charge to householders, who were persuaded to pay the initial fee for a facility which was promised to be freely serviced.

Surely, a breach of contract as well as a broken political pledge?

Politically, socially, and environmentally - this is an ill thought-through policy proposal. Please think again.

David I Jeffery

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