Greyhounds are best kept on a lead

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IT pains me to have to continue and expand on the reasons for greyhounds occasionally attacking other dogs and small animals, but certain facts must be adhered to concerning the ex-racers who have been rescued.

These dogs have been trained to chase the mechanical prey. It is not safe to ever let these dogs run free unless in a secure garden or paddock, otherwise they will hunt down any small animals they see.

It was rather unusual to hear of one attacking a large dog like Mr Jarvis’ labrador, but rogue dogs exist in any breed.

Greyhounds in general have the most lovely, kind natures but must not be let off the lead in public places. They are predominantly sight hounds and can see well into the distance. One loose dog can be dangerous but two loose greyhounds will form pack behaviours and hunt down small animals ruthlessly.

Tempting as it is to those of us confined to urban areas, do not let go of that lead, ever.


Ex-racing greyhound owner

Belton Avenue, Grantham