Grot spot is bad for business, says Grantham antiques shop owner

Imogen Thomas is sick of seeing her shop fron ruined every week. Photo: 012A
Imogen Thomas is sick of seeing her shop fron ruined every week. Photo: 012A
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A businesswoman is fuming that the entrance to her antique shop is being turned into a “grot spot” every week.

Imogen Wall is the owner of Belvoir Antiques and Interiors in Swinegate, Grantham.

Every Thursday morning for more than a month she has gone to open her shop only to find piled up bin bags with rubbish spilling out, broken glass and even a ruined and burnt out sofa.

Imogen said: “It’s absolutely terrible. It’s just piled up every week right outside my shop and the bin men don’t come until 11 or 12 so I get this every Thursday morning.

“I’ve got to put things out to attract people to the shop but people don’t want to buy from me when it’s like that. There could be glass or nails or anything in there so what if a child falls?

“This is supposed to be a conservation area - right next to St Wulfram’s - and instead it looks like this every week.”

Imogen has even put a sign up explaining to people that the mess is not down to her business. It reads: “This rubbish has nothing to do with the antique shop. Please remove. It is appalling. A disgrace.”

Imogen said the dumping of rubbish doesn’t just impact her own shop but the whole area.

She said : “We’ve got the church, the Blue Pig pub has just re-opened, then there’s my shop and Arnold Graham is selling food with fresh vegetables.

“It’s a beautiful part of town that is being spoiled every Thursday by inconsiderate people. I would like to see the council go through the bins to find our who they belong to. It’s the only way to stop it.”

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