Grot spot: River Witham blighted by rubbish

The River Witham. Photo: Ian Selby.
The River Witham. Photo: Ian Selby.
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Fly-tipping in Grantham Canal has been big news in the town in recent weeks but ut seems it isn’t the only stretch of water being abused.

Councillor for Harrowby and Deputy Mayor of Grantham Ian Selby sent us this photograph taken of the River Witham close to Gravity FM studios, where Coun Selby broadcasts on Sunday nights.

The photograph shows wildlife struggling to manoeuvre around the debris on a stretch of water close to Stonebridge Road.

Coun Selby said: “It is disgusting behaviour.

“When people throw their rubbish into the river it does nothing whatsoever to enhance the environment and the wildlife in our town.”

Thankfully, that stretch of the River Witham is regularly patrolled by Grantham Rivercare volunteers who give up their time when needed to keep the river clear and tidy.

But the volunteers’ efforts would not be required if people did not throw their rubbish into the river in the first place.

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