Growing chick trio is ringed

St Wulfram's Chruch peregrine chicks are ringed.
St Wulfram's Chruch peregrine chicks are ringed.
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ADORABLE peregrine falcon chicks living on the tower of St Wulfram’s Church have been ringed.

The trio of chicks were given individually numbered, bright orange rings on Friday by two licenced ringers. These rings were provided by the British Trust for Ornithology.

Bob Sheppard, a member of the Lincolnshire Bird Club, said: “Orange coloured rings make it easier to identify them with binoculars when they begin to fly in a few weeks’ time.”

Bob is the Grantham Peregrine Project leader. It is this project, with added involvement by the Wildlife Conservation Partnership, which saw a nesting box installed on the tower a number of years ago. It has since been home to the same female bird, and likely the male bird.

The Journal has kept fascinated readers updated on the comings and goings of these birds of prey each year.

We reported how, in April, four eggs were laid by the female peregrine, one of which never hatched, a common occurance.

The remaining egg has been sent to the Centre for Hydrology and Ecology for analysis.

While up in the tower, Bob and church volunteer Derek Jackson collected leftover prey.

Bob said: “These will be sent off for analysis to determine what species of birds the peregrines prefer to feed to their chicks.”

The chicks’ wing and tail feathers will develop rapidly over the next fortnight, and they will then leave their nest tray and explore the walkway of the church.

Their antics can be watched on a big screen set up in the church, which shows live pictures fed through a camera in the nest tray.

The live images can also be seen via the ‘pegcam’ at