Guest columnist Lauren Farrow: Trust opened my eyes to the business world

Lauren Farrow
Lauren Farrow
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I’m 18 years old and I was born in Grantham. I studied at Isaac Newton Primary School, Walton Girls’ and KGGS sixth form, and pursued academia in order to fulfill my lifelong ambition to be a surgeon.

However, writing this now, having left sixth form early, I’m on a path which has seen me become an entrepreneur.

Being dropped in the deep end, because I was ill, I feel that I have had to learn new things as I have encountered them, for example experiences in starting my own businesses. I hope I can share my encounters to hopefully help others.

I have always felt a little oblivious to anything relating to The Prince’s Trust. Naively, I always believed the trust was something people used when they were a little lost, but how wrong could I be!

After leaving sixth form, I decided to combine my passion of horses with my ambition to own a business. Having no experience in this, I felt I was embarking on a journey completely blind. Although excited, I felt quite vulnerable and under prepared so I did what most 18-year-olds would do if they wanted to find something out...I ‘Googled’ it!

If you do the same, you’ll find pages of government ‘stuff’ is often dull. However, the opposite is found when you visit The Prince’s Trust website. I immediately felt as though I was no longer alone and could achieve something, business-wise.

After browsing and reading success stories, I thought I had nothing to lose for applying for the enterprise programme. After submitting an application, The Prince’s Trust rang me, arranged a meeting and took me under their wing. After a friendly group consultation with other young entrepreneurs I was enrolled on a course, which taught me more than I could ever imagine.

The fun and exciting time I spent in Lincoln covered everything I needed to start my own business. The course covered the basics of what life as an entrepreneur entails, and simultaneously gave me friends and contacts. The course covered everything from banking/tax lessons to writing business plans and seeking funding. The course opened my eyes to the world of business.

I would highly recommend that if you’re, even a tiny bit curious about how The Prince’s Trust could help you, then don’t hesitate about looking into this fantastic charity. I am very grateful for all they’ve done for me and without them setting wouldn’t have been possible.

Also, I now have access to a mentor, should I need any guidance. Being part of The Prince’s Trust can lead to many other opportunities too; I had the chance to give a speech at Boston College and RAF Cranwell. The Prince’s Trust is a fantastic charity which I would recommended to anyone.