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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are your special messages

Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day.

You’re a romantic bunch! Here are the Valentine’s Day messages you wanted to share with your loved ones through the Journal.

Handley Chris happy valentines day babe. Love you lots love your baby girl xxxx

Pearson, Indie I love you all the world, love at 1st sight Joely C xxxx

Mcdonald Terry. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Best Husband in the World. Love always Sharon xxxx

Clarke, Alice. I will always want you, betty and bertha love always M x

Andy, Happy Valentine’s Day, love you always, K xx

Rayson, Lianne Happy Valentine’s day babe. Love you loads Lee.xxx

Downs, Sarah love you always my sqbm, xxx love Andy



McGettigan Ricky You are my fairytale x you make me smile and laugh every single day xx Rebecca

McGettigan Ricky Grow Old With Me Love you so much from your Princess Rebecca xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gresham clare happy valentine love alan xxx

hollingsworth simon. Happy valentines day babe love you always love tash xxx

BOTTOM DALE Happy valentines day my darling husband. lots of love your wife MRS BOTTOM xxxx

Coe, Sherie. Happy Valentines Day Babe. Love You More Than Anything:) Love Always Callum xxxx

chivers sami happy valentines babe love from your future husband steve xxxxxx

Barr, Gillian. Happy valentines day, love Adam xxx

Price Adam. Happy Valentines Day Dimps. I love you more than words can say. Xxx

Barr Caitlin Happy Valentines Day Beautiful. We love you. Xxxx

Griffin, Callum. Happy Valentines Day Babe. Thank You For Everything & Making Me So Happy :) Love You Lots Sherie xx

damian C. Williamson happy valentines day I love you to the moon and back love from Tanya xxx

doughty Claire happy valentines day love u always Andy xxxxx

Osborn John, Happy Valentine’s Day, and 17th Wedding Anniversary. All my love Joy xx xx.

Blair, Susan Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you now and forever. Darryl xxx

Squidgy princess love you lots Happy Valentine’s Day. Big Irish Shrek xx

Dowsett, Phil.Love you so much. Always yours Ann xxx

Hodgkinson louise Happy valentine’s day love always jon xxx

Loosemore Katie, The future is only bright if your in it. Love from your William xxx

TARZAN love you loads big guy SNOW WHITE xxx

Darby Jamie Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous man in my life love you babe Natalie xx

Smith Natalie Happy Valentine’s to my gorgeous fiancee i love you with all my heart Jamie xx

Munro Julie ,Happy valentine’s day Shmoo. I love you

baxter,Jill.Happy Valentine’s Day Baby. Love you with all my heart, love David xxxxx


Ben talton happy valentine’s Day love from piglet and ur little lady Lola-rose xx

Damien Clark Every year it amazes me how we fall more and more in love ,happy valentines day xxxxsarah


dolby sarah love you babe thank u for being their for me love u always Keith xx

Harrison Andrew happy valentines day you make my life complete love u so much love Claire x

COX NICK, To the best husband in the world our 15th year together love you Jo xxx

Staples, Martina. To our 7th Valentines day. Happy Valenentines day, true love always lasts, forever yours Deano xxx

Carter, Polly. To my current girlfriend and luckiest girl in the world. Ed xxx

Joy Buglass, Happy Valentine’s Day my Princess love from your Huggie Bear XXXXXX

Davis Alan Ram your sausage roll .from Mo at the pig x

Davis Alan What sausage roll ? From Adele at the pig x

Davis Alan Where’s my sausage roll .From Kate at the pig x

Davis Alan .I really miss your sausage rolls . From the fat cow at the pig x

Clements, Russell my wonderful husband I love you to the moon and back Ruey xxx

King, Shirley we love you all the world nana your boys Ellis & Joel xxxx


howlett ian i love you morer xxxx

shayne Eaton loved you yesterday love you still always have always will love you heather xxx

Liam, Happy Valentines Day, You’ll always be my Lobster. 8.3.1 Lindsey xxx

Tails, thank u for being my rock. Love u always badge xxx

honeybee, god i love the way you feel. Love u sweetie xx


King, Shirley we love you all the world nana your boys Ellis & Joel xxxx

brittain,jamie.Happy valentines day baby.love you nat xxx

Elaine Smith. Roses are red, Facebook is blue, you looked tasty so I added you, I asked you to marry me as a status on Facebook, now your my wife

wood,jake. Happy valentines days squishy I love you!lots of love em x x x

FIRTH, JAMIE happy valentines babe, thanks for everything you have done for me and kids love you millions. Love jade xxxxxx

Miller, dave happy valentines to the most amazing man I know love you to bits bbe xxx

Thorpe, Sam. Happy Valentine?s Day babe our 4th together

Beetroot. Baby girl you are the one, happy Valentine’s Day, all my love forever, Pancake Xxx

SPARKS, Marie. Happy Anniversary and Valentines Day. Steve xxx

fenton john happy valentines day love elaine xxx

Sweetpea-i may be a thousand miles away but my heart is with you-Mushypea xxx

Saunby, Louise. Happy Valentine’s day you are my world. Love u lots. Nick xxxx

GARY SILVERMAN My husband to be I love u with all my heart Thankyou for everything u do x always yours Haley x

Bills Natalie. Happy valentine’s day, love you so much, Darren

BLAIR DARRYL Happy valentine’s day to my wonderful Husband. All my love. Sue.xx

Imbriano John, still to this day no one means as much to me as you do, love you always baby, your Michelle XXXX

Love you my sexy lady D xxxxxxx K

willis sam happy valentine’s day to my life my rock my solemate my best friend but most of all my wife love your chick xxx

Rebecca simpson Happy valentines day princess i love you millions xxx Ricky

Wellington jean Love you more each year you are always in my thoughts LOVE SUMO

Bond, Gary. Happy Valentine’s Day hubby. Love you millions, your wife Marie xx

Tumber Garry happy valentines to my very special guy iam so lucky to have someone love me as you do i love you now and forever lots of love hugs


Justene Morris you are my world loveing you more each day xxx

Hayes Alan, Big Al...Happy valentines day my lovely...when we having our date night?All my love, hugs and kisses Mrs Big Al x x x x

Mandy Field.Happy Valentines Day darling. You are my world. #Gorgeous. Love you loadsTone xxx

rob cullington, Happy valentine’s day mr c, i love you more then words can say, thank you for loving me love always mrs c xxx

SHEPHERD MARK Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous husband! With all my love, Caroline xxx

pryor pam love you lots davexxx

French,Nicky. Happy Valentine’s day.love you lots xxx Mark.

Nippard, Gary Happy Valentines day I Adore you All my love Melissa Mmwah mmwah mmwah xxxxxxxxxxx

Lambley, India. Happy Valentine’s day pinny! I love you always! Love from Toni xxxxxx

Hand-Evans Simon. Happy Valentines Day .Forever soulmates. Love my ickle man .from ur angel xxx

fenton, dani. Happy valentines day baby, I love you with all of my heart love Chris xxx

Fovargue, Michelle Happy Valentine’s Day soul-mate, lover, best friend. All my love, Martyn xxx

drury jo happy valentine,s day lots of love


DONE Adrian.I love you more than words can say.Love always Sarahx

dolby keith happy valentines day babe love you now and forever your my rock love you sarah xxxx

Sweet cheeks love you always baby X.

CLARK Jim. Happy valentines day love always Stacey xx

Love u so much love bug u lucky girl ginger x

Clapton, Amanda. Be my Valentine. Love youlots, from your husband Darren

NEWTON, Lorraine, Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Hope the meal doesn’t spoil your day...! Love, Gra xxx

Happy Valentine’s Day Waynus love you lots love your wigs. Xx

Karen Happy Valentine’s Day Love Roger xx

Rolston Happy Valentine’s day my babe first year together has been amazing.

Happy Valentines Mate with love to Dave from Wendi xx

Papa bear you are a big sexy beast lots of kisses baby bear xxx

Happy Valentines Al Thank you for another great year all my love Liz xx

Dimebar love you even though you drive me crazy love Dimebar xxx

I love you please be mine for ever and ever love James xx

Melissa Darcey love you and the boys more every day xx

Happy Valentine’s Day love you Chloe Fletcher

Happy Valentine’s Day Rolston

Sue all my love forever and all ways xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Matt lots of love Natalie and Fliss x

I love you Victoria Will you marry me love Fabrizio xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Babe xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Snookims love you with all my heart Brigy xx

Happy Valentines to my wonderful husband Trev love you always Jean xx

George Evans thank you for being part of our family we love you from The Girls xx

To my wonderful wife Alison with all my love Happy Valentine’s Day xxxx

To Daniel love you forever and always Kozz x

Jodie Happy Valentine’s Day you are so special to me. X


Tommy 204 days till you are stuck with me forever love you Manf xx

Richard Bailey Happy Valentine’s day H2B lots of love Jane xxx

Mayor Ex. You make life wonderful, every day is special love always Darling Mayoress Ex

Katy Wilks Thank you for everything you do for me you’re my rock love you xxxx

Honey you’re my silver lining love always from your pot of gold xx

Daniel Jones love you more each day, always Vicky xx

Pete I love you with all my heart you are my soul mate love you Lynne x

Richard Kosinski thank you for thirteen years of love and happiness, here’s too many more x

Graham Wedge your one in a million. Can’t wait to be Mrs Wedge love you Kelly

Tom Bell 3 years of bliss thank you. Here’s too many more. I Love You xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Dear Nigel Aspland xxx

Happy 12th Anniversary and Valentine’s Day love you loads Trevor Thomas. X

Kain love you xxx Guess who…your two favourite girls xx

Polly love you loads Paul xx

Graham the best husband and dad we could wish for love Sarah, Lauren and Chloe xxx

To Dave Happy Valentine’s Day lots of love from Liz xxx

Newton Worzel who loves ya little legs does xxx

Survived another year darling40 years and counting still love you now and always. Xx

Jack Smith You’re the most amazing husband. Love you to the moon and back forever Leanne.

Ellie you’re the best person in the world. I like your smile and your great attitude. X

Aron Bownes Happy Valentine’s Day love you lots love Sharon xx

Andrew Gray Happy Valentine’s day baby I love you so much lots of fusses love Julie.


David Peare Happy Anniversary and Valentines love you loads and loads xxx

To Daddy Ben Moorcroft. We love you lots love Emma, Oliver and Noah xxx

Well done for surviving the snow, you kept all our hearts warm thanks North, Love Ju

To my 20 year valentine love you always TJ xxx

Scothern Dean Happy Valentine’s Day. Your one in a million forever yours love you always Kayliegh.x

Andrew Vangasse To the best husband in the world love you more than cake!

Jonathan Saint Thank you for our 2 beautiful children love you loads Sam

To Seb I love you so much you make me really happy Thank you very much.

To the moon and back baby always and forever love your Princess xxxx

Each day I love you more- today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow Matthew Phillips

To Sean I love you the most in the whole world. X

To my pud love you more than ever all my love always your button xx

Happy Valentine to my besties Tasha and Danielle Love ya both Jaz xxx

To my lovely husband you mean so much to me Micheal Hall. Happy Valentines Day Vicky x

David Cook Happy Valentine’s Day lovely love you now and always your Shelly xxx

Bernie Nine Years!!! Plenty More? Xx

Dalby Ron All my love today and always Sally and Rue xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Ally Carter Love ya sometimes Love Patrick Carter xxx

Deighton Mark To my hunky husband love you millions. All my love Wifey xxx

To Hayley. I will always love you and will be your man for ever .x

To Allan I love you loads. Happy 2nd Valentine’s Day from your sweetheart Stephi Mason x

Jimmy Hill you are my world love always Tracey ( SWALK) xxx

John Barrett Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. After 21 years. I still love you Wiffywoo x

Dean Charles Love you more each day many more years to come. Love Kerry Taylor xxx

Brown Carl We love you lots & lots Donna, Ben, Jack,Alfie, Max xxx

Darling Samantha for today or tomorrow Be Mine forever and ever and ever and ever x

Happy Valentines Bethany love you lots. Make sure to smile today x

Paul Happy Valentine’s Day Love you millions love Sarah xxx

I still love you Elle Banner from your Peanut. X

Andrea Stark You’re the most dedicated and loving wife in the world. Happy Valentines love David x

Taylor Mandy love you with all of my heart sexy bum xx

Emma Wilson New start, New home loves you to stars and back love from Steve W

Fawkes Markie Love you Darling I promise love Theresa xxxx

Mouse Bash I have never met a mouse bash like you Love you x

Power Kieron Happy Valentines and 30th Wedding Anniversary lots of love always Sue xx

Dukes you’re the best husband and dad love always from your wife and daughter Sienna x

Len Cooper Happy Valentines Love you Loads x

Ames Sean Guess Who Loves You?

Valerie Bromley You mean more to us than you think. Love you loads RJ and All x

Jim Gartan Happy Valentine’s Day Love you lots hun Kiss and Hugs Becky Nathan and Alex.

Ashleigh Gallagher Bet you didn’t expect this Guess I must love you xx

Jamie Ashton Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy. Love you millions from Emma xxx

Craig Hermiston Happy Valentine’s Day Hubby love you now and always Wifey xx

Jake Swain. You mean the world to me. Can’t wait for July .Love you so much x

Andy Garton. You will always be my Valentine Love you loads Angie x

Lisa Bromley To my Princess I love you lots and can’t wait to marry you Jake x

Kev Ryman Thanks for making my dreams come true I love you more than ever Elaine xx

Allan Thomson All my love Lorraine x

Love you my beautiful. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you Pufflin xx

Sally Winter Happy Valentine’s Day I love you with all my heart Love Chloe xx

Christopher Harrop to the one I love on Valentine’s Day from Sally x

Molly Austin Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day all my love Darling from Granddad xx

Nigel Ballam Thank you for everything. I love you loads babe. Michelle .

Ian Milne Thanks for 43 years all my love Chez x

Roger Edwards Love you lots Enid x

Lee Coldron Happy Valentine’s Day Love you lots from Charlotte xxx

Gavin Skerritt Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day Love you with all my heart love Ceri x

Paul Gibson I love you with all my heart lots of love Kelly xxx

Terry Ballaam Lots of love .Thanks for the last 35 years love you loads Jane

Nigel Colyer. You will always be my Valentine Glenis xx

Lou Smith Happy Valentine’s Day darling love you millions lots of love Larry xxx

Alby Fox Love you babe with all my heart and always will lots of love Tammy xxx

Martin Clamp. Love u millions babe. Thanks for always being there. Hugs and Kisses forever Zoe x xx

Helen Gidlow I love you- happy Valentine’s Day Mummy lots of love and kisses Lana xx

Raymond Marshall Happy Valentine’s Day Love you lots Sue xx

Jade O’Conner I love you so much. We are invincible Love Woody xx

Jonathan Watson Happy Valentines love you always love yours always  x

Love you Boo with all my heart and soul from your little Pufflin xx

Mizhannahp with love today and always – your (not that) boring mum!

Dan Major To my lovely amazing husband all our love Jenna and Leo and Luke xx

Jonathan Dickinson LOVE YOU DICKO!

Brian Brothwell .One in a million Love you Kathy xx

John Teszkowski Happy Valentine’s Day love you always Lisa xx

John Vallance Love always your loving wife Dea xx

Tracey Gidlow -First year as your wife. Wouldn’t have it any other way love you millions xx

Linda Roses are red, Violets are Blue I will always love you. To our Future xxx

To Jaz Happy Valentines love you to the moon and back Danielle)KGA

Stuart Mullenger Happy Valentine’s Day Love you for ever love from Michelle xxx

To Neil Happy Valentine’s Love Sonia xx

To my darling Tim Thank you for all the memories so far love you forever Amanda

Squirrel we love you lots you’re the best Daddy Love Hannah and your little Princess Isla

Gary Choppell Love you millions all my love Sonia xxxx

Sally Slater Happy Valentine’s love you more today than yesterday love Phil xx

Samuel Durham Love you loads Mum xxx

Emma Barr Love you now always and forever love Tom xx

To my Lynnie DITTO SAY NO More! Xx

Dorris Happy Valentine’s Day Love you lots ??? xx

8 Years, 5 Houses, 1 Baby and still loving you my Lisa Marie xx

Misiaczku love you so much your Myszka x

Happy Valentines my hobbit All my love Mr Chris x

Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I’m so besotted over you. Rach for Dino xx

Dear Andrew I still love you after everything Tina xx

Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy. We love you more than anything Love Lucas Robin Jayden and Dylan

Ian Durham Love you with all my heart Nicky xxx

Sharon Munton love you always and forever love your husband x

To my darling Em love you with all my heart xxx Carl

To my darling wife Rebecca McBride you are my world my everything lots of love Jon

Mongoose- my rock, my compass. I love you to the end of the universe. X

Happy Valentine’s day Jim Jam James love ya lots Spudley xx

Marie W I love you loads and miss you loads Jason.

Sam I can’t wait to be your wife lots of love Lorraine. Xx

Langton Paul Love you so much can’t wait to be Mrs x

Lance Gilbert. Really love you so much love Ann xx

Lound Spencer Be My Valentine? Xx

To Becky with all my love Paul xx

Dean you’re a great boss from your loving colleagues at ASDA GRANTHAM

Sinead always in my mind and heart forever love Tom xx

To Yogi-Bear I love you love Spongebob xx

To Gavin Alan Barker I look at you on facebook. Will you be my Valentine? Xx

To my gorgeous husband Chris Morritt, Happy Valentines I love you with all my heart Carley x

Julie Mackinder Love you always Stewart xxx

Mark Summer still in love after 20 years now and forever love Kathryn xx

Auntie Stacie we love you millions and always will. Ella and Mason xxx

Love you so much Darren Mayfield xx

Ryan you are the best Love you forever from Mummy.

To Ray Brown love you always and forever yours Karen xx

Colin Murphy 25 years and you’re still my Valentine- even now Beverley x

I love you Karen Brockelsby x

I love you Marta. Xx

I will always love you Mr Smart you make me very Happy love Stacey and Preston

Dear Precious I love you so much from Hans x

Damien- Love you. Thank you for being there. Happy Valentine’s Day. Xx

Peter Scott Happy Valentine’s Day I love you with all my heart.

To all my friends in Portugal, France and Switzerland A Big Cao xx

Spicer Jock Love you my gummy bear always love Beccie and Eden xx

I Love Rosanne xxx

Gary you are one in a million xxx

To Leah- Thank you for an amazing year. I love you so much from Michael xxx

Caroline Thanks for being there for me xxx

Stew Love you Millions xxx

To my Tiger sixteen words is not has never been and will never be enough Rabbit.

Poe love you so Marsh.

Aylin Leon love you to the stars and back all my love always Lisa Renee xxx

Grant- love you always from Michelle.

Kieron Rourke-Happy Valentine’s Day love Laura xxxx

Ours is an unexpected love but I’m glad it happened love you lots Tatay.

Graham Newton- Happy Valentine’s Day. There’s always a first time! Love Lorraine. x

To my beloved sweet-heart Vala Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine your wonderful & brilliant xox.

To my amazing sweet-heart girly Carla Happy Valentine’s Day you will have the best day. LY.

I love you a lot Hannie you’re always in my thoughts Happy Valentine’s Day baby cakey.

Happy Valentine’s Day Heidi I love you and I always will Pork Chop.

John thanks for being there for me love you lots from Karen.

To my darling Sukie Wookie Happy Valentine’s Day from your loving husband JB xxx

Irene Wright- lots of love to all my family from Mum/Nanny xxx

Terry thank you for putting up with me all these years hope we have plenty more .

John Happy Valentine’s Day thanks for being there for me your loving wife Elizabeth xxx

Rachel Sharp love you always and forever xxxx

James Bellamy love you always and forever xxxx


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