Harlaxton’s Mary, 100, loves to put her foot down

Mary Walker and  Chris Hallam from Kia.
Mary Walker and Chris Hallam from Kia.
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She’s not afraid to put her foot down and might forget to put on her seatbelt every now and then, but 100-year-old Mary Walker is not ready to give up her driving licence just yet.

Retired teacher Mary, from Harlaxton, is one of the stars of ITV documentary ‘100 Year Old Drivers’, which looks at whether motorists should remain on the road when they reach old age.

And Mary’s answer is a resounding “yes!”

Fiercely independent, Mary heads out in her car almost every day and says she finds it “exhilarating” to put her foot down.

An ITV film crew followed her on a drive into Grantham, during which she remarked: “They can’t get you for speeding on a bend, can they?”

Born in 1913, Derbyshire Mary grew up on her father’s farm in Derbyshire, where one of her first responsibilities was to look after the piglets. It was while working on the farm that she developed her love of motor vehicles, selling a pet pig to buy her first motorbike, a Rudge Multi, aged 11.

An assortment of British classic motorbikes passed through Mary’s ownership before she settled on a vehicle with four wheels. She now drives a Kia Picanto, bought from Victor Wood in Grantham. As the dealership’s oldest customer, Mary was recently an honoured guest at a special presentation.

Service advisor Steve Pulley said: “We are proud to continue looking after Mary’s car after all these years and enjoy the passion and enthusiasm she still has for driving.”

In fact, on her way to Victor Wood, she recounted to staff how on her way there she was stopped by police and received a warning about the speed she was driving at.

Mary is well-known in the bowling circles in Grantham. She competes in four leagues at the Indoor Bowling Club in town where she is an honorary life member. Her other hobbies include card games and writing short stories.

A keen athlete from an early age, Mary competed in the pool, on track and on the road with her bike, winning numerous trophies.

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