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I have spent 20 years establishing a snowdrop walk in the wood on Newgate Lane at Londonthorpe.

I have bought different varieties and been given others by friends. I’ve split them over the years to make a nice show, and they are spreading every year. The number of people who comment what a lift it gives them to walk through after the winter months.

It feels as if Spring is just around the corner.

However, there are other selfish and thoughtless people who think that they are there to help themselves to.

Clumps disappear and they haven’t even got the decency to leave a few in the hole to grow again. This morning my husband and I spotted an old man on his bike pedalling off with two bags full.

When I pointed out to him that they were planted for everyone to enjoy, he couldn’t see what he had done wrong.

Not only had he dug them up but also ruined several clumps by trying to pull them out and thrown the flowers on the ground.

Also it puzzles residents in our village why people who come dog walking park their cars on the grass that has been mown. There is an area about 50 yards further along the road that is already worn bare by people parking.

Bulbs and primroses have also been planted on the mown verge to look nice in the spring but have been lost by cars parking. A bit more consideration is needed. We take great pride in our village and it is a shame that people from outside spoil it.

Mrs Wendella Moore

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