Have you got a Blooming Great Garden?

Grantham in Bloom, John Marriott. 564C
Grantham in Bloom, John Marriott. 564C
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IF you think your garden is even better than this one, we want to hear from you!

John Marriott’s colourful garden is the first in this year’s ‘Grantham is Blooming Great’ series, in which we celebrate YOUR fabulous flowerbeds and riotous rockeries.

Over the next few weeks, we will be printing pictures in the Journal of some of the area’s best-looking gardens, so if you think your’s belongs in our pages, drop us an e-mail at comment@granthamjournal.co.uk or give us a call on 01476 562291.

* John Marriott, of Winchester Road in Grantham, takes great pride in his stunning front garden, which captures the attention of many a passer-by.

John, 76, said: “I get lots of feedback from people and that’s nice. If I’m out in the garden in the evening time, people go past and say ‘ooh, what a lovely garden’.

“I like a mix of colours. I try to find as many different colours as I can and put them in. But I have red, white and blue along the front at the moment, in celebration of the Queen.”

Flowers is a passion he shares with wife Brenda, 69. Although she is not a keen gardener, their home is filled with flowers and floral patterns.

Brenda said: “We love our flowers.”

John thoroughly enjoys gardening, and he is pleased we have had some sunshine after the recent heavy and persistent rain, which washed the soil from his garden into the road and ruined his borders.

He said: “Gardening has always been a passion of mine. My father used to win first prize for his garden in London. We used to live in a council house there and he would always win for his garden, certificates and cups and things.

“I must take after him.”