Headteacher upset by inspection report critical of his primary school

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A HEADMASTER has hit out at Ofted after the independent body published a critical report on his primary school.

Isaac Newton Primary School received a “satisfactory” rating from inspectors, having previously been rated “good” following the school’s the last inspection in 2009.

School headteacher Stephen Tapley has contacted Ofsted to lodge a complaint about the inspection report after taking issue with the lead inspector.

Mr Tapley said: “It’s not the worst report in the world but it’s always upsetting when someone comes into your school and doesn’t look at it as clearly as you might have hoped.”

Mr Tapley said he will take on board the comments made by the inspector but is also calling on parents to contact Ofsted to let the body know how they feel about the school.

He said: “We know our parents are very supportive of the school and this wasn’t really emphasised by the team so we are encouraging our parents to complete the Ofsted questionnaire, which is now on our website.”

A spokesman for Ofsted said they take all complaints seriously.

The spokesman said: “Ofsted does not comment on individual inspections or on whether a complaint has been received from an individual school.

“We do take complaints very seriously, investigating each one rigorously and dealing with issues as quickly as possible.”