A&E campaign: Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital holds consultation events

F4GH man a stall at Sunday's Christmas on the Green
F4GH man a stall at Sunday's Christmas on the Green
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Campaign group Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital (F4GH) has launched its own consultation on the future of Grantham Hospital’s A&E department.

Campaigners will be in St Wulfram’s Church on Thursday, and members of the public are urged to go along to have their say.

It comes as concerns that the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) will downgrade Grantham’s A&E to an urgent care centre grow.

F4GH’s Pip Dowse said: “It’s a chance for you all to actually take part in a genuine, real consultation, not the fake kind that the ULHT board or the SWLCCG (South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group) have sparingly mentioned.

“This is a very simple form-based consultation that shows what we have now and what ULHT board members and SWLCCG say we need. And all we ask is, do you want it and if not why do you believe we need an A&E? Simple.

“No hidden agendas, no misleading or loaded questions and definitely NO huge bonus given to us at the end – unless you count the massive satisfaction we feel knowing we are trying our best for us and you and that hopefully you agree.”

Campaigners will be in the church between 7pm and 8pm.