Birthing pool at Lincoln will benefit Grantham women

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A state-of-the-art birthing pool has been installed at Lincoln County Hospital.

The new piece of equipment is likely to be used by Grantham mothers following the closure of the midwifery-led maternity unit at Grantham Hospital.

It has been recognised that using a birthing pool can often reduce a woman’s need for pain relief during labour and can help create a more relaxing experience during birth.

Matron Fran Gregory said: “We have been fortunate enough to secure funding from the Government to purchase the most up-to-date plumbed in birthing pool and purchase equipment to support active, natural births. The birthing pool at Lincoln County has been developed to provide state-of-the-art facilities for new mothers.”

The new pool replaces a temporary inflatable pool in its own room complete with features to play music and a projector to project calming images around the room.

Any woman labouring over 37 weeks can use the birthing pool in a pregnancy which is normal and straight forward with uncomplicated obstetric, medical history.

Matron Gregory said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this service to women who want natural, relaxing birth experiences.”