Blow for Allington villagers after doctor’s surgery closes

Allington Village Hall
Allington Village Hall
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The doctor’s surgery in Allington has closed leaving villagers with a 12-mile round trip for medical appointments and a big loss of income for the village hall.

The closure of the weekly surgery was strongly contested by villagers but, despite their protests, was closed recently. This has left two rooms at the village hall unused and the village hall committee wants a service, group or organistion to take them on.

Cathy Green, chairman of Allington Village Hall Management Committee, said: “There has been a doctor’s surgery in Allington for as long as anybody can remember. But the long-standing association between Allington and Long Bennington Medical Centre came to an end on September 30 after the NHS agreed with the medical centre that holding surgeries at Allington Village Hall was no longer efficient or viable.”

Cathy added: “The closure of the branch surgery was strongly contested by Allington residents, many of whom made the point that with no buses being available, if they have no car, or are unable to drive, it is very difficult to get to the medical centre without continuously imposing on neighbours for lifts.

“In addition, instead of a doctor making one visit to Allington, patients would each have to make the 12-mile round trip to the medical centre, causing extra damage to the environment. But nothing would sway the decision.”

As a result of the closure of the surgery, the village hall is left with an empty annex, which was built and equipped to house the branch surgery and waiting room which still need to be heated, cleaned and maintained.

The Annex has a separate entrance from the main Hall and has two rooms and its own toilet facilities.

Anybody interested in renting the Annex, either on a temporary or permanent basis, should contact Joy Hart on 01400 282948 or email for more information.