Bouncing baby boy is Mother’s Day miracle

Martyn Laurence Blackwell with proud parents Leanne and Andy.
Martyn Laurence Blackwell with proud parents Leanne and Andy.
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A HAPPY couple are planning for their first Mother’s Day as parents after eight years of trying for a baby.

Leanne and Andy Blackwell, of Hedgefield Road, Barrowby, were delighted to welcome their son Martyn Laurence to the world on February 5.

The couple started trying for children in 2003 but after two years with no success they decided to seek help so they went to Grantham Hospital.

Six months later they were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Leanne said: “It is the worst thing ever because all the time it’s unexplained you can’t have treatment.”

All the tests showed they should be able to conceive but still it did not happen so desperate to have a child they decided to try IVF.

Leanne said: “When it failed the first time we were gob smacked. We totally expected it to work, it was a huge shock.”

They then tried a different fertility treatment, which is available on the NHS - IVI but that also failed.

So the couple went to Care Fertility in Nottingham where they were tested and it was discovered their immune systems were incompatible and Leanne was producing a high level of killer cells. Luckily these problems are treatable.

Andy said: “If we had got pregnant naturally it would have resulted in a miscarriage. I don’t know how people cope with that.”

After the treatment they continued with IVF but at the second attempt the eggs did not fertilise.

Andy said: “It was devastating and I was only feeling a fraction of what Leanne was. The sense of failure is quite hard.”

The couple decided to have one more attempt in the hope that it would be third time lucky.

Leanne said: “This was the first opportunity to try it with the new drugs. We didn’t want to leave it without trying but that was going to be the last time.”

By this time Leanne was getting depressed and the expensive treatments had cost them over £12,000.

Andy said: “I was starting to think that you can’t have everything in life. At some point you’ve got to accept you’re not having children.”

Luckily the eggs fertilised and when Leanne did a test it was positive.

Andy said: “It was a miracle.”

Leanne chose to have her baby, which they were convinced was a girl, at Grantham Hospital.

She said: “I cried when I found out I was pregnant, I spent most of the time in shock. It is absolutely awesome having him.”

Just seven weeks in they are already planning to have another baby.