Can you help turn Grantham hospital room into 1940s space for dementia patients?

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital
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An underused room on a ward at Grantham Hospital is set to be taken back in time to help support dementia patients.

Louise Lai, staff nurse on the emergency assessment unit at the Hospital, is looking to adapt the day room and transform it into a dementia friendly activity room. She is looking for a range of donated items from members of the public and local businesses to transform the room.

The idea is to make the room look more like a living room from the 1940s with plenty of activities to help improve care and inpatient stays for dementia patients.

Patients will have somewhere they can wander to and relax from the sights and sounds of a hospital which can sometimes increase confusion in those with dementia.

Volunteers are also being sought to help with the garden area.

Louise said: “Our ward is aiming to have a quiet room that looks less clinical and more homely to improve and help inpatients who can be disorientated when taken out of their regular area and routine.

“We are looking for furniture and activities that can be used to transform this area. Items ranging from an old-fashioned sideboard to activities that can be used such as simple jigsaws, books, music from this area or even any old black and white DVDs people may have that they could donate.”

If you think you may be able to help, contact Louise Lai or Lucy Blakey on 01476 464345.