Family appeal for support as popular Grantham lad fights for his life

Jamie Bates is still fighting to recover following the accident in July.
Jamie Bates is still fighting to recover following the accident in July.
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A DESPERATE mother says she will do anything to help her stricken son after seeing him fight back from the brink three times.

Katrina Glover, 44, of Sandon Close, Grantham, has endured a hellish six months after her 20-year-old son, Jamie Bates, suffered serious head injuries in a freak accident.

Jamie had been on a night out in Grantham in July when he is believed to have climbed on top of a friend’s car in Bridge End Road before falling off. He was given mouth-to-mouth by a passer-by before being rushed to the Queens Medical Centre.

Katrina said: “We were told he was critically ill and would not survive the night.

“We had to call his brothers to come and say goodbye which was horrific.”

Jamie survived the night but the family were told he would need an operation to remove a large part of his skull to allow the brain to swell. Again the family were told to expect the worst, only to see Jamie fight through again against the odds.

The operation was a success and, although Jamie was still missing a large part of his skull, he was moved from intensive care to the high dependency ward before eventually being transferred to Lincoln County Hospital’s rehabilitation ward.

Jamie was progressing so well he stayed in Lincoln only eight days before he was allowed home.

Katrina said: “He was doing fantastic - he was 95 to 98 per cent Jamie and was just waiting to go back to have a metal plate fitted. It was tough but he was starting to live a normal life.”

After a minor setback with Jamie’s speech, we was re-admitted to hospital for tests in October - only to suffer a massive setback.

Katrina said: “Jamie had been texting me that day saying he was looking forward to coming home. A couple of hours later I rang the hospital to find out how his CT scan went and was told he had suffered a fall or a seizure.

“I went flying up there. He’d fallen off his bed and smacked his head and obviously he still has no skull. He went into a continuous fit for three days and was rushed to intensive care.

“He wasn’t breathing for himself and we were told again they didn’t think he would make it. If he did, they said he would have no quality of life and would be in a vegetative state.”

Jamie was in a coma for eight weeks but the family refused to admit defeat. Katrina continued to travel to Lincoln every day to see her son. She has been by his side every day since his accident in July.

Now, Jamie is not yet able to speak but the family and his partner Roisin Sharp are encouraged by positive signs and a move to a specialist hospital in Putney, London, is a possibility.

Katrina said: “Everyone’s life stopped on July 18.

“We are at the point now where we want him to go to Putney because we want him to have the best possible treatment. But we cannot afford to be travelling to London and back every day.

“It’s a fact that Jamie responds better to us, we get a squeeze of the hand or a wink. Every day since this happened I have been with him and I need to be with him to support him every step of the way.

“I need to be by his side but there is no money coming into the house - my husband took six months’ leave from work to help look after Jamie. I would do absolutely anything to help my Jay now.

“So many people know Jamie - he is funny and kind and a real people person. He’s the sort of person, if someone fell over he would go and pick them up.”

A number of people have contacted the family to say they are planning fund-raising efforts which would help Katrina and her family to continue to be by their son’s side once he is moved to London.

Anyone who would like to get involved in fund-raising or donate money can contact Katrina at 3 Sandon Close, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 9AX.