Grandmother is desperate to move

Linda Harris wants to be moved to a new property. 280C
Linda Harris wants to be moved to a new property. 280C
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A GRANDMOTHER is desperate for her fifth housing move in three-and-a-half years as fear of her neighbours has left her feeling like a “prisoner” in her own home.

Linda Harris, who lives in a council-owned flat in Grantham town centre, has mental and physical health problems.

She said her doctor, crisis team, carer and family all believe that her depression is getting worse because of her living situation and that she should be moved.

The situation has become so bad that earlier this month Ms Harris took an overdose and was admitted to hospital after being found by her carer.

She said: “The council said it was going to move me as soon as possible but I first asked in December and nothing has been done.

“I just don’t know how much more I can take.”

But South Kesteven District Council interim head of housing and neighbourhoods Ian Richardson said they were only aware of her request to move last week.

He said: “Linda Harris approached the council, last week, seeking re-housing. I can confirm that we are working with Ms Harris in response to her request.

“I can, however, provide assurance that she has explained her needs to us and that we are doing all we reasonably can to assist.”

Ms Harris says that since moving to the property her grandson, who is four-years-old, has suffered racist abuse and glass bottles have been thrown at her windows.

She said: “I’m scared, I keep my doors and windows locked. I’m living like a prisoner in my own home.”

Ms Harris has lived in the property for 14 months and since that time she admits her depression has got worse.

She said: “They promised me everything was going to be ok when I moved here but it’s not.

“All I want is a peaceful life where my grandson can play outside and I get peace and am not harrassed.

“I wish I was feeling better for the sake of my grandchildren.”

Ms Harris’ daughter Belinda Cox is worried for her mum.

She said: “It’s heartbreaking to see my mum like this. She’s been really upset and she doesn’t want to go out like she used to.

“She’s never been this down before. I think she needs somewhere where she is going to feel safe.”