Grantham hairdresser’s workshop aimed at getting rid of head lice

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Children and parents are being invited to workshops which will offer training on how to find and get rid of head lice.

The workshops follow on from an idea by Grantham hairdresser Natalie Williamson who could no longer ignore the increasing number of children visiting her salon infested with head lice. Parents had tried all commercially available products to tackle the problem, only to see the lice reappearing.

Natalie, who now has a mobile hairdressing business, came up with LICE (Lice Information, Control and Education). She said: “The cycle needed to be broken and LICE was born. LICE is not about spending money on endless products to solve the problem. It works by understanding the cycle of the lice, checking procedures and a systematic and effective removal system. Parents hold the key to controlling headlice, but require support. This support is best placed within schools where parents and the L.E.A. can work together towards eradicating an unnecessary problem that has dogged children for far too long.”

So far the LICE program has trialed in three Lincolnshire schools and is proving effective. Natalie said: ‘The LICE programme has given parents the knowledge to deal with head lice effectively and as a result, we are seeing many less incidents in school.”

Maxine Purvis, headteacher of Belmont School, Grantham, where the programme was trialed, said: “I talk with a lot of parents who are so pleased the support is there. It‘s made a huge difference, removing the stigma attached to nits and increasing our confidence in dealing with them. Mums now talk freely about head lice in the playground which is fantastic.”

LICE is inviting parents and their children to a practical workshop, with lice checks and training. Checks will follow in March which will confirm the effectiveness of the program. The workshops will take place on Monday, January 21, and 28 from 9am at The West Grantham Academy Spitalgate site, Grantham.

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