Grantham Hospital nurse Elaine retires after 38 years

Elaine Smith
Elaine Smith
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A Grantham Hospital nurse has retired after 38 years.

Elaine Smith, 57, was born and raised in Grantham and educated at National St Wulfram’s School.

After leaving school, she spent a couple of years in Tesco before seeing an advert in the Journal for two state enrolled nurses. Elaine recalled: “They used to train them in Grantham. It was the best nursing school in the country.”

Soon, Elaine became a staff nurse, working on ward seven and later ward one, until her last day on March 31.

She said: “I worked mostly with the elderly. I seemed to have a rapport with them. I just like people. I loved my nan and dad. I really enjoyed nursing, especially when you have the time at the bedside.”

Such a lifelong career has seen Elaine, known as ‘Little Lainey,’ cited in several long service presentations. They note her local upbringing meaning she knows half the patients and hospital staff and is related to the other half. They also recall a “true angel” who devoted her life to a career she loves.”

Manager Janet Charlesworth once commented: “Despite being the smallest member of staff, she is the biggest practical joker and she had the biggest heart.”

Elaine, who has a husband and two sons, said she plans to take a rest before starting work again as 57 is too soon to fully retire. She added: “Maybe I will try a different area of care like young people. But it’s got to be people orientated.”