Grantham Journal letter: A&E campaign will carry on

Protesters outside Grantham Hospital.
Protesters outside Grantham Hospital.
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The recent demonstration of 6,000 people through the streets of Grantham, organised by SOS Grantham Hospital, and well covered by the Grantham Journal, showed the strength of opposition to the closure of the Grantham & District Hospital’s A&E Department at night.

The next phase of the campaign is to collect in the petitions against the downgrade.

So far, we have held back on sending it to the government, as we were waiting for their consultation process to formally begin. (If we hand it in before the consultation has officially started, it will not count towards the consultation itself later.)

We already have over 17000 signatures online, and over 21000 on paper. However, there are still some shops, businesses and families that have got some filled in (or part filled in) petitions that have not been given to us. If you have, please return them, so that we can add them to the total. If you have been meaning to take a petition in to work, or to ask friends and family to sign, but not got round to it, please take this letter as a reminder.

We are hoping to get them all in over the next month. You can send them to 45 Harrowby Road, Grantham NG31 9ED (which is the address on the petition).

You can sign online at: petition: Save Grantham Hospital A&E Services!

John Morgan

Press Officer SOS Grantham Hospital