Grantham Journal letter: A wonder there are any staff left

Last Wednesday's protest outside Grantham Hospital
Last Wednesday's protest outside Grantham Hospital
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You can’t trust the trust. Of all the cheek, after telling us Grantham people that they can’t get the staff, they are busy sending our staff to Lincoln and Boston. It’s a wonder we’ve got any staff left.

Who wants to work at a hospital where the board keeps chopping bits off for their own surreptitious long-term agenda? No wonder Dr Kapadia couldn’t tell us how long the closure of the A&E was for, it’s obviously part of their long standing plan to leave Grantham unusable and therefore with a justifiable reason for closure. Never mind we can always travel around England to all the centres of excellence that we keep hearing about from the board for treatment once we find Lincoln and Boston full to capacity. Maybe there could be one in Cornwall, Jan Sobieraj’s favourite place.

Jane Bennett, care of Sean Bennett