Grantham Journal letter: Delays at Lincoln Hospital very worrying

Lincoln County Hospital. EMN-151222-163002001
Lincoln County Hospital. EMN-151222-163002001
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On Thursday evening (August 18) I was one of the first patients to be a casualty of the new A&E night-time closing hours at Grantham Hospital having suffered from AF, chest pains and rapid heart-beat (145- 175 beats per minute) in which my husband had to call for an ambulance.

The paramedics were excellent but I was very frightened and it took approximately 45 minutes for me to reach Lincoln Hospital and to be placed on a heart monitor.

By 2am my heart had slowed a little but was still beating very fast – but due to a shortage of beds I was discharged with pills.

The staff at Lincoln Hospital were rushed off their feet with many patients, like me, waiting a long time to be seen.

Do the powers that be have any comprehension of just how busy this decision has made Lincoln Hospital and the emotional impact on patients at an already very worrying and distressful time?

Lincoln and Boston cannot cope with the increased demand on their services and as Grantham is a growing community, it is surely only a matter of time before something far more serious results from this very short sighted decision.

Mrs E. A. Griffin,

Great Gonerby