Grantham Journal letter: GPs should train to keep A&E open

Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital
Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital
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Recently, a town in England asked the GPs in their catchment area to take it in turns to staff their A&E deptartment.

Their hospital had the same loss of A&E as Grantham Hospital.

When I suggested this idea for Grantham, my doctor said he would need some specialist knowledge over and above the normal GP qualification.

May I proffer the idea again, as the town that tried it has had success in maintaining their A&E on a 24-hour basis, using their local GPs.

I feel that ALL the GPs within the catchment area of Grantham, and its hospital, should attend a requisite course for the basic specialist knowledge needed for A&E duty.

Then, for example, if there are 31 GPs in the Grantham area eligible to cover A&E, they would each cover one night from midnight until 8 am the next morning, leaving the rest of that day to sleep and returning to their normal practice surgeries the day after.

This idea could involve GPs on A&E duty, on one night per month, thereby ensuring A&E cover 24 hours per day, seven days per week etc, re establishing A&E cover for Grantham Hospital.

Mr F. S. Jessop

Fourth Avenue