Grantham Journal letter: Our hospital has none of these issues

Grantham Hospital.
Grantham Hospital.
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Executive Director of Public Health, Dr Tony Hill in his speech to the full county council meeting on Friday, December 13, outlined serious issues with existing healthcare infrastructure, including a significant number of people still dying unnecessarily as a result of poor quality care.

Also the Keogh inquiry panel made a stop at Grantham Hospital when they were only supposted to visit Lincoln and Boston.

Why is Grantham Hospital being dragged into the other two hospital’s higher mortality rates when Grantham’s A&E are saving people’s lives on a regular basis - evidence in people’s letters to the Journal.

The only way our mortality rate would rise is if “The Powers That Be” still insist on sending patients (some too ill to travel) from Grantham A&E to overcrowded Lincoln when they would die on the way.

Jane Bennett

Springfield Road, Grnatham