Have fun and keep fit at Jackie’s class

Club of the Week : Stretch and Flex. 802B
Club of the Week : Stretch and Flex. 802B
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THE Stretch and Flex fitness class is celebrating its 20th year this Wednesday and so I decided to go along and see why it is still such a success.

It wasn’t long after I walked through the doors of Grantham Squash Club, in Harlaxton Road, that I found out - Fitness instructor Jackie Whatley is fantastic.

Having only done one of these type of classes before I was nervous about my lack of co-ordination, but I was quickly put at ease and in fact spent most of the time laughing at my mistakes and the comments from Jackie about how wonderful we all looked. Ok, so she didn’t say wonderful but I’m sure that’s what she meant!

We did a wide variety of exercises and each new song track meant another routine.

Some of them were quite simple to follow but others required a lot of concentration, which wasn’t easy when everyone was having such fun.

The second part of the workout involved floor exercises. This is where Jackie’s expertise really showed as she gave options for anyone with injuries and was really careful to look after every member of the group.

The workout, which lasted an hour, flew by and it wasn’t a surprise to me when I found out that many of the members have been attending the class for over 10 years. It was a really good session, and I had so much fun. I left the class feeling fantastic and really happy but when I spoke to Jackie outside she apologised. I was confused for a moment before she smiled and said: “You’re going to be really sore in the morning after that work out!”

She wasn’t wrong but even with the aches I would definitely go again. What’s even more impressive is that the group raises thousands for charity each year.

Classes, which take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, cost £3.50. To find out more call Jackie on 01476 567529.