Help Grantham support group by making a wish for 2017

Grantham Beat-It wish jar.
Grantham Beat-It wish jar.
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Support group Beat-It Grantham is all set to help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

This year, Beat-It Grantham is opening up its “Wish Jar 2017 Challenge” to the public. New Year’s wish jars have become more popular in recent years providing a way for people to write down their New Year’s resolutions and pledges for the coming year before opening the following New Year’s to celebrate their achievements.

Beat-It will are selling wish jars for £5 (plus p&p) and asking the public to pledge their resolution for the year as well as obtain sponsorship for Beat-It from friends and family to achieve their goals.

When the resolutions are completed and sponsorship is collected, rewards will be up for grabs according to the level of sponsorship raised doing the challenge or activity. Terms and conditions apply.

Gini Dellow, patient lead for Beat-It, said: “We all start the year with good intentions and we hope this fund-raiser won’t just benefit Beat-It, but also help people to stick to their good intentions and fulfil their resolutions.

”All monies raised will go directly to the group which supports heart patients with arrhythmia and syncope in the town and beyond, as well as providing much needed funds to support their ongoing programme of outreach work in the community.”

For more information, e-mail or telephone 07539 936464.