Hospital sends breast screen results to the wrong woman

Freda Gregory received other people's test results as well as her own.
Freda Gregory received other people's test results as well as her own.
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GRANTHAM Hospital has apologised this week after breast cancer screening test results were accidently sent to the wrong person.

Freda Gregory, 56, of Canberra Crescent, Grantham, received a letter from the hospital in the post after having a mammogram. However, when she opened the letter she found it not only contained her own results but also the results of another Grantham woman, along with that of a woman from the Sleaford area.

Freda said: “If my results had been sent to somebody else I would have been horrified. I mean, talk about confidentiality.

“I’m just so annoyed. How could a mistake like this get made? Just the thickness of the envelope should have told someone something wasn’t right.

“It’s horrible.”

As well as the results of two other women, Freda also found her letter contained a seven-page, fully completed Certificate of Vision Impairment for a third woman - also from the Sleaford area. The form asks the patient to give consent for the “personal and sensitive information contained within” to be passed to other parties such as their GP and the Primary Care Trust.

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We apologise to the patients involved and are investigating the cause of this error. We take matters of patient confidentiality extremely seriously and will ensure measures are put in place to prevent this happening again.“