It talks, cries and bleeds...and it’s improving hospital care

Sim Man at Grantham Hospital with Tracey Pilcher and Russell Outen-Coe.
Sim Man at Grantham Hospital with Tracey Pilcher and Russell Outen-Coe.
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IT bleeds, it cries, it urinates and it yells when it’s in pain. No, it’s not a Premiership footballer, it’s the new patient simulator at Grantham Hospital.

Sim Man is a high-tech training device which allows nurses to practice their skills on a realistic human simulator to prepare them as fully as possible for the real thing.

Sim Man has around 2,000 possible ailments which it can act out. Training can then be focused on a commonly recurring illness or if a patient comes in with a rare condition, nurses can receive training on the simulator first.

Chief Nurse Tracey Pilcher said: “If a nurse observes a heart rate change to an abnormal rhythm, they can be shown what to do.

“This can the be replicated 400 times. Obviously, you can’t do that with patients.”

The Sim Man has its own pulse as well as range of different voices and facial expressions.

All of the actions of the nurses using the simulator can be recorded and played back afterwards allowing those the group to critique the performance and replicate it until they get it right.

The simulator can even be used for crucial last minute training in the minutes leading up to a patient’s arrival.

Clinical lead Russell Outen-Coe said: “If we know we are getting a patient by ambulance or helicopter we can rehearse on Sim Man before the patient arrives.”