Join Grantham group for protest in London

A recent protest outside Grantham Hospital
A recent protest outside Grantham Hospital
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A Billingborough nurse is calling on local protesters to join her in London to campaign with others from across the country to save their A&E departments.

Sarah Stock wants to hear from anybody interested in travelling to London on Monday, October 10, to join forces with 11 other counties which also face losing their A&Es.

Sarah underwent radical breast surgery less than six weeks ago after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She says she left the NHS in 1998 because she disagreed with what the Government was doing with the NHS.

She said: “I should have stayed and fought the system but I knew they wouldn’t listen and I chose to leave.

“I am proud to be a nurse and I continued nursing in the private sector.

“I was naive and I was wrong. I, along with other colleagues were too scared (and rightly so) of being ‘targeted’. That’s what we called it back in those days. And unfortunately, whistleblowers today are still being targeted and most dare not come forward. It is disgraceful that we have to fight for out A&E, but fight we will.

“I am taking our campaign to London via Downing Street and on to the Department of Health with our signed petitions to demand the reinstatement of our local A&E service. If anyone can join me on the protest in London, a week on Monday in red T-shirts with our banners held high, please let me know.”

If you would like to join Sarah call her on 01529 240509 or 07543 126769 or email sarahstock71@hot

Sarah would also like to hear from any bus companies who could give the protesters a favourable deal help in getting to London with passengers contributing to the petrol.