Locum doctor was paid ‘going rate’ of £3,258 for two shifts at Lincolnshire hospital

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A locum doctor was paid £3,258 for two shifts over the Christmas period to work in a county hospital.

The United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust says the doctor was paid “the going rate” for the two 12 hour shifts.

Kevin Turner, Deputy Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “We need to use bank and agency staff to make sure patients remain well cared for and receive compassionate care where we have vacancies or staff sickness or maternity leave.

“The Trust has to pay the going rate for agency staff. The £3,258 payment being reported for a single A&E shift is effectively for two 12 hour shifts, not one 12 hour shift as reported for other trusts.

“We are working to recruit more staff locally, regionally and nationally. We are holding an open day tomorrow (Saturday) to attract nurses and other health professionals to work at the Trust, and encourage nurses whose registration has lapsed to return to practice.”

Grantham district and county councillor Ray Wootten said: “The high figure paid to a consultant/locum does seem excessive, but sadly sometimes needs must whereby hospitals need to provide adequate cover and this comes at a cost. There is a shortage of consultants and the Hospital Trust needs to address this more robustly and use less agency staff.”

Coun Wootten said he will be raising his concerns at the next trust board meeting to be held at Grantham hospital on April 7.