MP hears concerns from Grantham carers over Government cuts

Care provider Margaret Avis, Grantham MP Nick Boles and Chairman of Grantham Carers Group John Gurney.
Care provider Margaret Avis, Grantham MP Nick Boles and Chairman of Grantham Carers Group John Gurney.
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A group of carers voiced their concerns to Grantham MP Nick Boles after day care services were hit hard by Government cuts.

Mr Boles met Grantham Carers Group at Grantham College after he was invited to hear their concerns by chairman John Gurney.

Mr Gurney said: “With all the changes occurring at a local level, carers are feeling very vulnerable, undervalued and ill-informed and they fear for the future of those for whom they care. Carers often share with me the thoughts that local government is out of touch with the reality of caring for people with severe, or even moderate, learning difficulties.”

Carers told Mr Boles that they feared for the future of their children, who have varying degrees of learning difficulties, because of cuts to local authority budgets which in turn have had an impact on day services. He heard that some people in their eighties were still caring for sons and daughters with learning difficulties and that cuts in day care were bring the situation to a ‘crisis point’.

Mr Boles told the meeting: “Central government has cut funding to local authorities quite severely as part of the cuts to try to get us back into some kind of balance. We knew that there were some people receiving benefits and care packages who would receive less but took a decision that the NHS budget needed to be protected and that we should not be able to cut that at all.

He added: “Local government did have some particularly big cuts and it’s absolutely no use to you because services for your children are being cut and that’s intensely upsetting, difficult and painful.”

Parent and carer Sue Green said: “Our children deserve more. Why can’t they have a happy life? Why can’t they get five days of activities a week. They are only getting two at the most.”

Mr Boles asked carers to get in touch with him so he could pass on any concerns to those in the appropriate departments. He also agreed to meet the group again in six months.